The Grand Piano: the piece de resistance for Recording

Creating an album has never been easier, especially considering the availability of quality music studios. Studios like the one in limehouse area of the UK music capital, allows you the creative freedom necessary to get the message across in your music, and they provide the tools you need to do so, including drums, pianos, and guitars. The following is an overview of pianos, specifically, to help musicians weigh their options if they are considering purchasing a piano for themselves.

Grand pianos

Grand pianos are the most prized possession of many musicians. They represent luxury, talent, and a refined taste for music. There are many types of grand pianos available, from the “baby grand” as the smaller end, to a concert hall sized piano. When purchasing these for the home, there is not much difference in sound quality as far as size is concerned; whether you want a baby grand or have the room to comfortably fit a large concert hall piano, the sound quality should remain the same, and the resonance will not necessarily be diminished by the size of the room in which the piano is placed.

When grand pianos come to mind, it is likely the vision of a piano with an open cabinet, allowing the sound to resonate. This type includes horizontal strings from which a brilliant, rich tone is emitted. Upright types, on the other hand (the type of piano that is positioned up against a wall), emit a tone that is slightly less resonant as the arrangement of the strings and the positioning of the piano do not allow for the same echo that a grand piano does. For this reason, a piano recording studio equipped with a grand piano will produce the most colourful sounds.

For up-and-coming musicians who are not ready to make such a major purchase, there is no need to fret; most recording studios actually provide these pianos as well as an assortment of other instruments to get the sound you are hoping to achieve. If the grand piano is not in your budget or will not reasonably fit into your home, a smaller, affordable upright piano might be the best option to keep in your home for practice.

A professional recording studio will help you throughout the entire recording process, from pre-production to mastering the album.